Elósegui online shop

Elósegui online shop

Boinas Elósegui (Elósegui’s Berets) is a small textile company located in Tolosa and dedicated to making berets and other headwear items

Beros Elosegui from Beros Elosegui on Vimeo.

With almost 160 years of experience behind us, Boinas Elósegui is one of the few European companies with fully integrated production processes (from the fabric, to the final finishing operations), which are controlled to the utmost in order to guarantee the quality of the final product, at the most competitive price possible.

The company has a presence on five continents and its products are well-known among the most discerning international clients.

A high-quality and sustainable product

In Boinas Elósegui we understand that the quality of our products and the conditions in which they are produced are our raison d’être. All in a sector dominated by the strong competition of Asian countries, which is based on the use of very low-quality raw materials and on productive processes that do not respect the environmental, labour, or social sustainability of their surroundings.