French beret woman

French beret woman

French style women's berets perfect accessory for today's woman that will make you feel different.

Elósegui berets manufactures all its garments with the best raw materials on the market. Thus, to make the berets, it acquires 100% merino wool, Australian wool that offers greater thermal insulation, both to cold and heat, repels water and is highly breathable. These characteristics make the garments of Elósegui berets in products with greater flexibility, comfort and warmth.

women's berets

There is no universal rule to wear it, which makes it one of the most flexible fashion accessories in the world. While gentlemen tend to wear it centered and sticking out forward, there is endless freedom for fashion-conscious women who can fix and rearrange their pigtails, ponytails, bangs and braids to create many different looks and match a number. infinity of outfits. But it is not just a redundant accessory, as in addition to being waterproof, it is also resistant to ultraviolet light.

Beros Elosegui from Beros Elosegui on Vimeo.