El Triunfo Velayos | Berets and Txapelas Elosegui

The hat shop El Triunfo Velayos is a century-old shop dedicated to the sale of:

Berets and Txapelas Elosegui, hats, caps and accessories.

In 1880 the doors of our business were opened, five generations later we continue to offer the same seriousness and quality to our customers. We have a wide assortment of men's and women's txapelas. and sailor hats, in terms of hats we have multiple national and international brands and models. Accessories of all kinds: socks, handbags, umbrellas, belts, suspenders, bow ties, mittens and canes. We are located in the Castilian city of Palencia from where we send our products to any corner of the planet. We work with the most prestigious houses in the sector so that our customers can find the most complete selection of products in our store. We work with the famous Elosegui beret factory, founded in Tolosa in 1858, since then it has made the complete preparation of all its products, taking advantage of local capacities in a sustainable way, to meet a overall market. Boinas Elósegui has managed to combine the artisan process and innovation in processes and products, achieving a result that is difficult to imitate.

El Triunfo Velayos | Boinas y Txapelas Elosegui

Quality is a key factor for berets and txapelas elosegu

that makes its products in an artisanal and exquisite way. The products are made with the best raw materials, always respecting environmental and social sustainability. Boinas Elósegui has nearly a century of experience in international trade, which has allowed it to gain recognition for quality and global know-how. They use the best type of wool for their manufacture (100% merino wool), which gives as result flexible, warm and comfortable products. This type of wool offers greater insulation (from both cold and heat) and is water-repellent and highly breathable. Because this is a 100% natural fiber, it is also eco-friendly, unlike other petroleum-based synthetic fibers that have a negative impact on the environment.